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How To Get A Job In Behavioral and Data Science: 8 Words of Wisdom

What does it take to be a bona fide behavioral scientist? Imposter syndrome is one of the most common syndromes for young professionals. In fact, many people come to me to find out how to get a job in behavioral science, many of them who are already full qualified. To make things simple, I have tried to recall all the advice I have been given to anyone looking to join the exciting world of human behavior in industry, government, or academia.

Posted in Articles, Career Center, Learning Center on Apr 03, 2020

How Is Behavioral Science Related to Data Science?

In this article we explore the endless debate between the world of behavioral science and data science. Though both behavioral and data science share many common properties, how one is trained to think and approach problems may differ markedly between the two related disciplines. At the end of the day, what adds value to your firm depends on whether you are analyzing and manipulating internal databases or expanding your knowledge of customers with new data.

Posted on Feb 06, 2020

White Paper: The Rise of Behavioral Science Jobs

Behavioral science is the study of how people make decisions across a range of domains and cultures. While it is not a new field, the presence of behavioural science in mainstream corporate America has been growing steadily over the last 20 years. In this article we explore the history of the field, provide expert commentary on where the field is heading and why behavioural scientists, and those breaking into the field, should remain optimistic. We take a deep dive into what a behvaioral science career is and how to begin thinking through your next steps in behavioral science.

Posted in Articles on Nov 11, 2019

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