Online Courses In Behavioral Economics? Part I: Paid Courses

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Many students and researchers have been asking where they can find online courses in behavioral science and economics. This is a series on online courses.

Online courses fall into two main categories: Paid and Unpaid.

Paid online courses

In the behavioral economics space, courses that you can pay for range from $99.00 to $14,800.00 (USD). Many of these programs were created by small organizations to fill a market niche, but there are also expensive course offerings designed as corporate services. These have been created by leading business schools and consultancies.

Behiring has reviewed the available courses and broken the courses down into three categories based on price. The first category is for those who want to get introduced to behavioral concepts at home or work. These are courses that are less than 1,000.00 USD.

The following courses will you get you started in the field of behavioral economics but not completely break the piggy bank:

Category 1: Introductory, Online Courses Under 1,000 USD

Course Institution Hours Cost Currency Ideal For
Behavioural Economics Certification BrainmeasuresN/A 99.00 (USD) Anyone interested in BE
Behavioral Economics and Neuromarketing Udemy 1 hour (plus additional written material) 150.00 (EUR) Anyone interested in BE
Behavioral Economics and Psychology in Marketing Mindworx Academy 7.5 hours ( plus additional written material) 439.00 (EUR)Marketing executives
Behavioural Economics The Chartered Institute of Marketing 1 day (in London) 595.00 (GBP) Introductory course
Professional Certificate in Behavioural Economics Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM) Flexible (within 12 months) 845.00 (GBP) for members / 995 (GBP) for non-members Marketing executives
Behavioural Economics and the Modern Economy University of Pennsylvania, Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Online Education 4 weeks (8 hours/week) 1,000.00 (USD) Individual clinicians, care teams, and administrators who want to stimulate behavioral change through evidence-based practices

Category 2: Professional, Online Courses Between 1,000 and 5,000 USD

The second category of courses are those that range from 1,000 to 5,000 USD. These courses are offered by universities and experts in the field to build capabilities for business and industry. If you are considering any of these courses, first we recommend asking your current employer to shell out the cash and foot the bill. Many of these courses are similar to Continuing Education (CE) courses that you may find through your workplace learning center. We recommend any of these for those who want to jumpstart their education for an applied purpose.

Course Institution Hours Cost Currency Ideal For
Consumer Behaviour AnalysisLondon School of Business and Finance 30 hours (on campus) 1,150.00 (GBP) Anyone looking to gain further understanding of their customers and general consumer behaviour
Behavioral Economics: Understanding and Shaping Customer and Employee Behavior Aarhus University 3 weeks (on campus) 1,459.00 (EUR), 690 (EU Residents) Economist/Business specialist in the sports industry
Masterclass in Nudging iNudgeyou 3 days (in Copenhagen) 1,950.00 (EUR) Professionals with a sound knowledge of the theories underpinning nudging, and a desire to learn how to work structured with the practical application of behavioural science.
Behavioral Economics Bootcamp Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertisement 60 hours (complete within 6 months) 2,100.00 (AUD) Member / 2845 (AUD) for Non-member Marketing and advertising executives
Introduction to Behavioural EconomicsLSE 2 weeks (on campus) 2,300.00 (GBP) Undergraduate students
Improving Business Decisions with Behavioural Economics ESADE N/A (on campus) 2,900.00 (EUR) CEOs and senior managers, Functional managers
Professional Certificate in Computational Thinking & Behavioral Economics Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto N/A (on campus) 3,450.00 (CAD) Senior managers who need to influence behaviour and drive decision making
Behavioural Economics Certificate Boston College, Global Leadership Institute 16 weeks (15 hours/ week, part-time) 3,600.00 (USD) / 2,300 (USD) With Value of Digital Inclusion Grant Individuals looking to gain decision-making and leadership skills and agile methodologies to guarantee the success of digital projects

Category 3: Executive, Online Courses 5,000 USD and Over

The third category is for executives and industry leaders who seek to learn more about the cutting edge research and trends in behavioral science and economics, as well as how these are being applied to the modern workplace. For most students, these are unnecessary and expensive courses designed as variants of executive education which are career development courses offered exclusively for executives and large corporations who can afford them. Check out our list here to get a sense just how expensive these could be. You could take an entire semester of coursework at an area university for how much these cost!

CourseInstitution Hours Cost Currency Ideal For
Behavioural Economics at Work London School of Economics 5 days (on campus) 5,995.00 (GBP) Executives
Rethinking Marketing and Insights: Behavioral Economics Immersion Yale School of Management 3 days 7,000.00 (USD) Executives with at least 10 years of experience who lead functional teams in such areas as marketing, branding, insights, innovation, product management, digital, strategy, and communications.
Foundations of Behavioral Economics Harvard Business School 5 days (on campus) 13,000.00 (USD) Executives with 10+ years who lead functional areas such as product development, human resources, talent management, marketing, advertising, business development, or sales
How Behavioral Economics Can Explain Soccer Irrational Labs 8 weeks (opening and closing weekends in San Francisco, remaining sessions are online) 14,800.00 (USD) "Product leaders including executives, product managers, designers, and others who are decision makers in the customer experience. Teams or individuals who want to learn how to apply research-based insights from behavioral economics and psychology to solve real-life customer problems."

When trying to find a course in behavioral economics, you should be sure to find a convenient and affordable solution within your means. Many of the basic principles and concepts can be learned fro free, at home on your own time. See our related article on FREE COURSES IN BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS for more information.

Happy learning!

Do you know of any other courses we missed? Leave a comment below!

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